When can you trade Forex Options?

by John Arnold

The forex market is the largest financial market in the world which works 24 hours, 5 days per week, if you consider the whole world as a single entity. The markets open in one side of the globe while the other half sleeps, and vice versa.

But, that does not mean you can trade all the time.

So when can you trade Forex options? To answer this, we need to understand the different forex market schedules.

There are basically five Forex market centers:

1. Frankfurt (Germany),
2. London (Great Britain),
3. New York (U.S.A),
4. Sydney (Australia) and
5. Tokyo (Japan).

Each of these markets open and close at their own local time and it is feasible for anyone to trade online in any of them. There are times when there is an overlap in the markets at different locations; these overlapping sessions are the best time to trade. Another good time to trade is when a major news event has occurred.

Market liquidity is important for trading and for this reason, when the liquidity is low like it is on weekends or bank holidays, this would be the worst time to trade.

To utilize these best times for trading forex optionsforex platforms are provided by reputable forex brokers. They provide multiple trading indicators, analytical tools freedom to strategize.

A good forex options broker can provide vital information on the market moves through forex signals that the trader can depend on and then immediately trade based on the signal.

The forex options broker guides the trader in choosing the right market at the right time.

So when can you trade forex options?” A forex options broker helps by letting the trader know in which market to trade i.e. the European or Asian or American market.

As long as the best trading signals are available for the trader, the chances of succeeding and being a successful trader is high.

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