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Here are the best and safest stock option trading programs I have found that both educate in the most effective way and provide strategies that are easy to understand and actually work.

Many so-called trading educators sell option trading programs that tell you to buy options when they are cheap so that you can profit when the price action of the underlying moves in your favor.

But how do you find cheap options when the factor that makes them "cheap" is low implied volatility (IV)? How do you scan the markets for options with low IV? And if you find these low IV options, you then have to match them with an appropriate option trading strategy. This strategy could either be directional, or a neutral strategy such as a straddle or strangle.

In many cases, options contracts may carry low implied volatility because the price action of the underlying hasn't been going anywhere for a long time and the odds are, that they are not likely to in the near future.

If you're trading individual company stocks, you also need to be aware of pending news events such as an earnings report, a change in management, new discoveries, takeover bids, etc. which may affect the price action of the underlying asset, sometimes dramatically. Seems like a lot of work doesn't it?

But there is an easier way. This way doesn't require as much research and involves a simple process that is very reliable.

First, you need to pick the best underlying financial instruments to trade options on.

Secondly, you need a strategy that is appropriate to the way these financial instruments are traded.

Successful stock option trading programs include two important features:

1. They teach the system in the most effective and entertaining way possible. One of the best ways to visually demonstrate these days, is by video presentation.

2. The system produces the most consistent results because it takes advantage of all the important features of option contracts.

The best stock option trading programs that I know of, have been developed by veteran trader of more than 30 years, David Vallieres. This guy really knows his stuff. He's tried just about everything and has paid big money of lots of option courses in his time and tested various systems using his own "real" money.

David Vallieres has created a video training program known as the Trading Pro System. It includes 24 hours of video viewing and takes you from the very basics into advanced strategies for consistent monthly income. These strategies don't require the trader to predict future price action. The later modules introduce you to some great wealth building strategies and further advanced training.

David has also recently produced a sequel to the Trading Pro System, which he calls the "Winning Trade System". Using another video series, it adds a further dimension to the original series by analyzing how options pricing actually works under differing conditions, so that if you wish to be a directional trader (i.e. you like to predict future price action) then you'll understand the safest way to do this and the reasons why.

It also adds a couple of advanced trading techniques at the end. Personally, I got more from the original program (sounds a bit like some movie sequels doesn't it) but the Winning Trade System certainly rounds off your knowledge.

I have purchased and viewed the above two stock option trading programs and can highly recommend them.

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