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The Best Part About INO's Daily Market Analysis is, That it's Free

If you're an option trader, or any kind of trader for that matter, you should never try and do it all alone.Trading can be a lonely profession and this is why it helps to enjoy the benefits of a trading community. Enlisting the services of a good market search and analysis tool, as well as receiving a daily market analysis report, provides more than one benefit. For example:-

  1. It helps with your mindset. The most effective traders are "into the markets" because they love it. It helps them maintain the level of interest that makes trading on a daily basis enjoyable.
  2. Whatever trading decision you're thinking of making, it always helps to have a feel for what the overall market is doing today. Someone once said that being aware of where the general market is going, is like sticking your head out the window to check the weather before going out.

Now if someone comes along and offers a free daily market analysis report - one that is being used by over 200,000 other traders, it could be worth a look.

What the INO Daily Market Analysis Provides

This report is sent at the beginning and end of each US trading session and helps traders to make their decisions for the next trading day.

The subject matter is not limited to the stock market - it also includes futures, commodities, forex, indexes, Exchange Traded Funds, as well as information about bonds and interest rates.

Technical Analysis - Setups and Resistance Levels

Each day, the report will include a chart analysis commentary on a particular financial instrument that traders may like to consider.

It will include among other things, observations on relevant indicators such as the RSI and Stochastics, moving averages and support/resistance levels. This alone could be a valuable resource which helps you find trading opportunities that you would otherwise not be aware of.

Sector Analysis

The financial markets have sectors such as gold, various indexes, energy, currencies, precious metals and commodities. You will receive an analysis of each of these, together with thoughts on what this means for the next trading day.

Key Events for the Day

Whether it's earnings reports, initial claims and fillings, weekly export sales, US Non-farm payroll day or the monthly house price index, any newsworthy events which may affect the markets will be at your fingertips.

Market Movers

Do you need to know what the top stocks or futures movers were during the last trading session? The INO Daily Market Analysis provides all that too.

Not only so, but if you're a member of their associated Market Club service, the report includes links to their proprietary charts and their famous "trade triangle" technology.

Below, is an example of one block of data that you'll receive daily. If you've subscribed to the Market Club service then you'll know what the scores and triangles mean for trading opportunities.

daily market analysis

You get the same thing for commodity futures and currencies as well. So it seems to me that a daily report of this nature, particularly when it's free, could be an excellent addition to anyone's trading tools.

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