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Stock Market Analysis

Stock Market Analysis - Current Market Updates

Welcome to our stock market analysis main page. Here is where you will find up-to-date commentaries which are primarily based on the latest technical analysis of chart patterns and trends as we see them forming - if not on a daily basis then certainly a few times per week.

Our stock market trends analysis will therefore be focussed on the overall trend and potential future direction of the US stock market because this is the largest and most influencial market on the planet. You will see annotated charts of the major indexes such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average, the S&P500 the Nasdaq 100 and their associated ETFs, together with comments and observations about what they are potentially telling us.

We do not claim to be prophets or professionally qualified to give investment advice and therefore, nothing you read should be taken as "advice" on what to buy or sell. It is merely our opinion of the current trends in the stock market as we see the daily charts presenting themselves. We cannot therefore be held personally liable for any decisions you make based on our stock market analysis - that is your own responsibility.

It is not wise to surrender your financial decisions to others. It is much better to let others help you along the way, so that through a process of education we can all grow together and become more prosperous. So if you have any comments to make about our chart observations - or about any major stock or index in particular for that matter - you are welcome to do so in the "Comments" box at the end of each day's report.

If you use our stock market updates presented in the following pages as a guide and combine it with a good knowledge of options trading, then you won't be too concerned whether the market is about to go up, down or sideways in the shorter or longer term. You will be able to employ the option trading strategies you've discovered, or use the brilliant Trading Pro System, to take advantage of current market conditions for ongoing profits.

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