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Hi there.

I'm Larry Swing and I've been helping regular people just like you take profits from the stock market ever since I put up MrSwing.com

If you want to learn how you can make safe, consistent profits as a swing trader — — then please read on carefully.

But before I begin...

Here are 3 good reasons to believe what I say:

One: I'm NOT going to promise you huge, instant profits. Anyone claiming that in this field can't be taken seriously. That's total hype. I don't know you, your skills nor your background. How could I guarantee such a thing?
But I do assure you that if you take my advice and act on the strategies in my ebook, you will learn how to trade successfully with consistent profits, faster than any other way, and without making the dumb mistakes that cost almost every beginner thousands of dollars.  .
Two:Ever since I've started MrSwing... Hundreds of thousands of people from around the world have learned from me how to be a consistent profitable trader. And I've  personally trained many people who now live off the profits of their own trading skills. All of them have told me I was vital to their success.

Three: I'm a full time swing trader. Have been for a long time. And I actually live off the profits of my trading. I practice what I preach.

So--I know what I'm talking about when it comes to trading. These techniques have proven themselves time and time again. They're profitable, even if the market environment keeps changing.

I feel comfortable saying that this is the best practical manual for swing trading that I have ever read.

Dr. Sergey Perminov
Founder & CEO

Now let me ask you a question...

As you begin putting the puzzle of your trading strategy together, are you frustrated by what is missing? Here is what often happens when you are trying to get started trading or even when you've been at it for a while trying to find your system:

  • You set yourself up with a broker,you don't know if it's the right one,(you hope it is), but...how can you tell, what should you look for? Is there that big of a difference?

  • No one tells you the truth about trading,is there a truth? You read tons of books,you visit every website, get as much information as you can... maybe you even join some internet chat rooms,to get some tips and "inside"advice. "Are any of these people actually doing what they tell me to do?"you ask, "Are they making money?"
  • You hear and listen to so called "stock market gurus"spout off endless theories and secrets of what works and what doesn't."Who are these people?"...you wonder "Is there really any secrets?"..."are they actually consistent profitable traders?"
  • You see that there is so many different software programs out there...you're confused, "which one is the best? Which one do I need?Do I need this at all?"
  • Indicators,technical analysis,"Do I need to know all of them,do I have to be an expert at this?Or,maybe some of them are useless,which ones are useless?Which ones do I need?"
  • How about money management..."how important is it?How much do I risk on each trade?Are some of these extremely aggressive trading styles that preach big profits on trades sensible?Will they keep me in the market long?What's their money management strategy?Is it strong?They say I don't need much money to trade their style. They make big profits,but how consistently?Are they only saying this to me because I don't have much money?"
  • You are beginning to notice that many of these strategies  are impractical and almost impossible for ordinary people to implement.
  • Worse still,now you've noticed that many of these theories and individuals totally conflict or contradict each other."Every one has their own style,"they say"you have to find your own style,one is not really any better than another."
I could go on and on with stories like this but here's the point...
I know about this. I hear about it all the time. You should see some of the emails I get. Many individuals get so screwed up that they're almost ready to give up hope. After they lose a few times they start looking for safe trading strategies, and they begin to believe there aren't any safe trading strategies. And now they're back where they started.
They find that they've put in all this effort only to come up short. They're confused,frustrated and all stressed out from the information overload or lack of success.
They're either trading and losing...or they don't know which way to trade and don't even know how to get started.
Now...would you like to know how you can leap frog over all of this?

Here's How I'm Going To Help You Become A Successful Swing Trader....

OK. Let's get down to the good stuff.

You can get to where I am, without having to go through all of the problems, frustrations and lost time and trading capital. I have written what may be the most straight forward and useable book on profitable swing trading you will ever read. It's simple,concise and it works.

In "A Practical Guide to Swing Trading"I lay it all out for you,step by step. After you go through my book I promise: 

You'll be making regular, consistent, profitable trades in the fastest time possible. Through all the changing environments in the market. Strategies explained in a way you can easily understand. Guidelines you can actually put into practice. 

This book is filled with innovative,important trading techniques. It is a great asset for the beginning and experienced swing trader.

Suri Duddella
President & CEO

Here are just a few things you'll learn from this ebook:

  • The most quick,easy and simple ways to set yourself up as a profitable trader...without the trial and error.
  • The absolute truth about what it's really like trading in the market. No hype. No vested interests. The facts.
  • A sure fire recipe for trading that is easy to understand and put into practice.
  • Simple methods that you can apply within days so you can be profitable.Without the stress almost everyone else feels when their in the market.
  • How to make money no matter which direction a stock is going...... (you'll be one of the few making money.)
  • You'll know the real way to get in and out of stocks within split seconds....
  • The  secrets of knowing exactly what stocks to trade, the exact price to buy them and the exact price to sell them.
  • Avoiding the big mistakes that all beginners make and the proven methods that will make you consistently profitable
  • The powerful tactics that will give you the advantage for profiting on huge intraday price swings.
  • The little taught or practiced methods on how to actively manage your risks so you can realize maximum returns.
  • And more important than tools, you will develop and maintain a winning state of mind. This is the most critical of all,and were I can really help you.

I think your style is one of the safest ways to make money... David DeFina, USA

And that's just the beginning,there's much more:
  • How to read into the market and let it tell you were it's going
  • The scientific approach to swing trading
  • How to identify buying opportunities
  • What to expect when placing your trades
  • Exactly how to identify appropriate stocks for swing trading
  • Pattern recognition criteria
  • The software and tools to use to be successful
  • The price,volume,moving average and shares that must be met before even thinking about a trade
  • Why you don't need to know everything about technical analysis,and the few that are absolutely essential to swing trade any stock effectively
  • The master plan that locks you into a disciplined trading style(this is the secret)
  • Using the markets natural ebb and flow,or waves to take profits(just like a person on the beach,buyers and sellers leave tracks. And they can't help giving opportunities to you)
  • Using the market makers greed and the public's ignorance to your advantage...and how to identify the bluffs
  • What time to place a trade and why
  • The science of true disciplined trading...no emotions only profits
  • What to do the day after your trades are executed
  • When and where to set your stops for buying and selling
  • The magic of shorting the market


I just got done reading the entire User's Guide and am quite impressed with the capability of your system. Jay K. Rao

I assure you, this package can can get you started in profitable swing trading. But don't take my word for it,see for yourself.

By the way ... I should make a personal comment here. Despite the recent market weakness I have found there is still a huge profit potential for active stock traders.

My ebook, A Practical Guide to Swing Trading gives you strategies I personally use to take those profits. Remember, you get the knowledge and experience I've gained from my years of full-time trading, in an easy-read, easy-apply format.

"MrSwing.com offers traders the ability to discipline themselves and the resources they need to succeed in the art of swing trading! Highly Recommended! We endorse MrSwing..". Oliver Velez & Anthony Nunes, Pristine.com

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